Amplify Your Brand, Empower Communities

swiirl connects brands with emerging creators, transforming authentic user-generated content into market-ready brand assets.

Our platform drives brand impact, while funding education and empowering our next generation.

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Amplify Your Brand, Empower Communities

swiirl, a platform where brands engage with local communities: driving social impact while amplifying brand values.

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Imagine a world...
where a brand's success directly fuels the dreams and aspirations of emerging creators. At swiirl, that world exists.

Unlock Authenticity
Transform creative briefs into unique story-driven content. Tap into our network of schools and creators for content that resonates.

Elevate Engagement
Elevate your brand with authentic content that matters. Our CreativeSync AI ensures every piece is optimized, tagged, and ready to deploy.

Impact with Every Click
Fuel educational growth while engaging your audience. Every piece of content funds school programs, turning your marketing efforts into a force for good.

What we do

swiirl bridges brands with schools to  generate authentic content, elevating how brands engage with their audience.
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The problem

Systemic Inequities in Education hinder student success


US public schools are underfunded by 150B annually

> 50%

More than 50% of US school districts are underfunded


Drop out rates are 2x in marginalized communities
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The solution

When Social Impact leads to Financial Growth


of consumers say that companies should take a stand on social issues


of consumer believe brands should do more to support education equality


Consumers are four times more likely to choose brands that actively demonstrate a commitment to racial equality
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The challenge

For Schools:

Digital Divide

Limiting upward mobility

Broken Food Programs

Impacting health and productivity

Minimal STEM facilities

Hindering future innovators

The opportunity

For Brands:

Access a doorway to meaningful engagement and authentic community connection.

Impact your community

Partner with Swiirl to uplift under-resourced communities; enhancing your brand's social impact footprint.

Create brand narratives

Elevate your brand storytelling with authentic creative assets infused with purpose.

Enhance customer loyalty

Use digital assets to connect more profoundly with your customers.