Frequently asked questions:

What is Swiirl?

swiirl bridges brands with schools to generate authentic content, elevating how brands engage with their audience.

How does Swiirl work?

Schools collaborate with Swiirl to create and upload creator content. Brands can then partner with these schools, transforming these creations into market ready content

Why should brands get involved?

Swiirl addresses educational funding gaps by providing schools with an innovative way to secure funds. Plus, students get a platform to showcase their talents and gain exposure.

Can Schools choose what they want to fundraise for?

Schools can leverage the Swiirl mobile app to pinpoint specific initiatives they're fundraising for and directly channel the raised funds towards those endeavors.

How can brands and schools track funding and impact metrics on Swiirl?

Within our School and Brand portals, we've integrated a comprehensive analytics page. This allows schools and brands to monitor funding received, contributions made, and the tangible impact of those funds in real-time. Brands can observe the direct effects of their investments, while schools can provide transparency into how funds are being allocated for various initiatives. This transparency fosters trust and encourages more collaborative efforts towards shared goals.

Are there any fees for schools or students?

No, our primary mission is to support schools and provide opportunities for students. There are no fees for schools or students to participate.

How do brands partner with Swiirl?

Brands can reach out to us directly through our website's contact form or the provided contact details. Our team will guide them through the partnership process.

What types of artwork are accepted?

We're open to a range of creative outputs from students. This includes drawings, paintings, digital designs, and more.

How do brands utilize digital assets?

Brands can incorporate these unique assets into various marketing initiatives, from design and digital campaigns to merchandising.  They can also use the digital collectibles to engage with their consumers and integrate into their loyalty programs.

What are digital collectibles?

Digital collectibles are unique, virtual items secured on a blockchain. On Swiirl, they are derived from student artworks and can be utilized by brands in various marketing and engagement campaigns.

Do I need a digital wallet to handle these collectibles?

Swiirl has integrated cutting-edge backend technology to ensure a seamless experience for users. When you register using your email and password, we automatically create and manage a digital wallet for you. This means you can enjoy the benefits of digital collectibles without the complexities typically associated with blockchain wallets.

Do the digital collectibles on Swiirl harm the environment?

Swiirl is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. While certain blockchain technologies can have environmental impacts, our platform utilizes a "proof-of-stake" consensus mechanism, which is markedly more energy-efficient than traditional “proof-of-work” systems. To put it in perspective, our energy consumption for minting a digital collectible consumes less energy than posting an image on social media.  At Swiirl, we prioritize both innovation and ecological responsibility.

Can individuals support or buy student artworks?

While our primary model connects brands and schools, we're always exploring ways to involve individual supporters. Stay tuned for updates!

How does Swiirl ensure the safety and privacy of student data?

Protecting the privacy and safety of students is our utmost priority. We have strict data protection protocols in place and never share personal student information without proper consent.

How can I get my school involved with Swiirl?

Simply reach out to our team through the contact form on our website. We'd be thrilled to explore possibilities with your institution.

Who do I contact for more information or queries?

For any further questions, clarifications, or information, please reach out to our team at, and we'll be happy to assist you.

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