For Fundraisers

Artfully Funding the Future:

At swiirl, we believe in the power of stories to open doors and create opportunities. Our platform offers schools and non-profit organizations an innovative way to fundraise by transforming creativity into resources, at no cost. We connect your unique stories with brands that care, turning your art into a force for change.

Amplify Your Brand, Empower Communities

swiirl, a platform where brands engage with local communities: driving social impact while amplifying brand values.

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For Schools:

Innovative Fundraising:

Transform creative programs into the catalyst for sustainable funding.

Partner Engagement:

Leverage swiirl’s brand network for recurring procurement of art assets.

Creative Expression:

Provide students with a platform to express their creativity and stories, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Educational Resources:

Use funds to enhance educational programs, upgrade technology, and improve learning environments.

Real-World Impact:

Teach students about the impact of their creativity in the real world, encouraging practical learning and future career opportunities.

For Non-Profits:

Unique Fundraising Approach:

Offer a novel way to raise funds by turning the artwork related to your cause into digital assets.

Enhanced Visibility:

Gain exposure and awareness for your cause through partnerships with supportive brands and their networks.

Community Collaboration:

Engage with the community through art projects that reflect your mission and values.

Sustainable Funding:

Create a recurring revenue stream that supports your ongoing initiatives and projects.

Impactful Narratives:

Tell your story through art, making your message resonate more deeply with a wider audience.

With potential comes promise...

And it takes a community


In a test of creative potential, a NASA study found that 98% of 4 & 5 year olds scored at creative genius level.


In the same study, just 10 years later- only 12% scored at the creative genius level


Engaged students are 4.5 times more likely to be hopeful about the future than their actively disengaged peers